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Chloe van de Burke
Status: Maiden Mare
Sire: Eric 351
Dam: Wietske van de Dollen
Dam’s Sire: Tsjerk 328
Foaled: March 20, 2008

Chloe loves human companionship. The more you want to dote on her, the better she likes it. She's a very easy keeper – we have to be careful not to overfeed in her case. She is more of the old Baroque style Friesian. She's been under saddle for about 2 years now and enjoys trail riding. Her curious nature lends itself well to exploring the hills in Northeast Iowa. She's powerful and has a rocking horse trot that can go on forever. Her low inbreeding co-efficient (1.76%) makes her a good candidate for breeding. We have been slowing down our workload, so have not been breeding any of our mares the past few years.

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