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Friesian Gelding - Preston van de Burke Star

Preston van de Burke Star

Status:  Gelding
Sire:  Otte 375
Dam:  Zowie van het Oosterland Star
Dam's Sire:  Sjaard 320
Foaled:  May 2, 2005

Preston has developed into a phenomenal all around horse. After being Grand Champion gelding of his keuring as a 3-yr-old, he gained more experience by participating in a multitude of open shows in halter and walk/trot classes. He earned a boxful of blue ribbons. Since then, Preston learned to drive – taking us for invigorating sleigh rides all winter. His most impressive accomplishment was as one of a four-in-hand team on a chariot at the Midwest Horse Fair in April, 2010. The video is on this website. Preston is the horse on the far right if you were standing in the chariot. Preston is a steady, true ride on the trail, too. He loves the diversity of his work.

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Friesian Colt - Chloe van de Burke

Chloe van de Burke
Status: Maiden Mare
Sire: Eric 351
Dam: Wietske van de Dollen
Dam’s Sire: Tsjerk 328
Foaled: March 20, 2008

Chloe loves human companionship. The more you want to dote on her, the better she likes it. She's a very easy keeper – we have to be careful not to overfeed in her case. She is more of the old Baroque style Friesian. She's been under saddle for about 2 years now and enjoys trail riding. Her curious nature lends itself well to exploring the hills in Northeast Iowa. She's powerful and has a rocking horse trot that can go on forever. Her low inbreeding co-efficient (1.76%) makes her a good candidate for breeding. We have been slowing down our workload, so have not been breeding any of our mares the past few years.

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Dinah van de Burke
Status: Studbook Maiden Mare
Sire: Nanning 374
Dam: Wietske van de Dollen
Dam’s Sire: Tsjerk
Foaled: April 29, 2009

Dinah has become quite the young lady. She trained at Big Rock Equestrian Center at Asheville, WI. Since then, she's been back on the Happy Now with her herd. She's become adept at trail rides and has participated in a local parade. She's grown to 15 ¾ hands. She's a very easy keeper and, like all of our horses, receives regular farrier, vaccinations and dental check-ups. She has her mother’s beautiful head and lovely carriage.

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Yldau fan Beintemahus Star

Status:  Star Mare
Sire:  Reyert 337
Dam:  Famke fan Beintemahus, Star
Dam's Sire:  Jakob 302
Foaled:  March 15, 1999

Yldau is always the Star of the Show! She’s the Alpha Mare with attitude, style, and the ultimate in elegance. The seventh generation of Star mares, Yldau trains her offsping to be as magnificent as she is. She turns heads – horses and humans! Yldau was the Champion Mare at the 2005 FPS Inspection in West Allis,Wisconsin. She has earned blue ribbons in several dressage competitions. She also finds time to do trail rides, parades and driving. And in between all this, she runs the farm!

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Zowie van het Oosterland Star

Status:  Star Mare
Sire:  Sjaard 320
Dam:  Itske van het Oosterland
Dam's Sire:  Jakob 302
Foaled:  May 5, 1999

Our Zowie has had two offspring show for studbook and both were made Star. We still have her babies, Ziglar and Colonel, in the barn and we feel very good about their Star qualities as they were both 1st premium foals. This mare throws great babies. She’s tall, elegant and a real sweetheart to work with. She loves trail rides or winter sleigh rides and she’s a caring, nurturing mother. Her beautiful movement and long, flowing mane have made her the focus of much of our advertising. She seems to pass all her best traits right through to her foals.

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